Viral hepatitis kills 1.5 million people worldwide each year.
That’s as many people as HIV / AIDS.


For the world's 8th biggest killer, viral hepatitis is remarkably neglected.

That's why in 2010 the World Health Organization made World Hepatitis Day one of only 4 official disease-specific world health days, to be celebrated each year on the 28th July.

Millions of people across the world now take part in World Hepatitis Day, to raise awareness about viral hepatitis, and to call for access to treatment, better prevention programs and governments action. You can find out more about this year's events and see what took place around the world by reading the World Hepatitis Day Summary Report.

World Hepatitis Day 2014 Report

The Campaign


The fourth official World Hepatitis Day took place on the 28th July 2014 and saw the largest global response to date, with 157 countries taking part and 86 governments acknowledging the day. Activities ranged from lectures and vaccination drives to BBQs and marches. Many innovative participants organised exciting events such as a celebrity car wash, balloon releases, a WaterFire event and the illumination of well-known landmarks.

Support from Ministers of Health, local and regional governments, celebrities, civil society and members of the public was enhanced by high levels of media coverage, meaning this World Hepatitis Day undoubtedly reached a larger and broader audience than ever before.

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