Viral hepatitis kills 1.5 million people worldwide each year.
That’s as many people as HIV / AIDS.


For the world's 8th biggest killer, viral hepatitis is remarkably neglected.

That's why in 2010 the World Health Organization made World Hepatitis Day one of only 4 official disease-specific world health days, to be celebrated each year on the 28th July.

Millions of people across the world now take part in World Hepatitis Day, to raise awareness about viral hepatitis, and to call for access to treatment, better prevention programs and governments action.

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The Campaign

This year, we're encouraging people to Think Again about viral hepatitis.

To do this, we want you to send in pictures that have made you think twice, they might be a face in an object, a shape in a cloud, a riddle, visual puzzles, anything which has challenged you to think again. 

If you want to take part in an event for World Hepatitis Day, you can find what's going on near you on our events page, or why don't you set up your own event and add it to our map. 

If you're on Facebook or Twitter, join our Thunderclap to send out a World Hepatitis Day post or tweet on the 28th July to add your voice to the movement, and you can share and like our page by clicking the links below.

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