Worldwide 400 million people are living with hepatitis B or C. Every year 1.4 million people die from viral hepatitis and yet all of these deaths could be prevented. With better awareness and understanding of how we can prevent hepatitis we can eliminate this disease and save 4,000 lives a day. 


The Campaign

Viral hepatitis can be prevented. It's up to all of us to act

That is why in 2010 the World Health Organization made World Hepatitis Day one of only 4 official disease-specific world health days, to be celebrated each year on the 28th July. Millions of people across the world now take part in World Hepatitis Day, to raise awareness about viral hepatitis, and to call for access to treatment, better prevention programs and government action.

For every death a voice.

We’re asking 4,000 people to stand up and be counted in the quest to raise awareness of viral hepatitis. You can provide a voice for the 4,000 lives that will be lost on World Hepatitis Day this year. Together your voices become a powerful symbol for the need for action to prevent future deaths.

Simply tweet using the hashtag #4000voices or upload an image to contribute your Twitter avatar or photo to our collage and use to your voice to call for action.

Get involved

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NRP offers testing & vaccinations for #Hepatitis B. It is vital that all 3 vaccinations are taken & immunity is confirmed by a blood test.

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